Green Ninja Pest Control

About the Ninja’s

ninjaAs kids this was a regular interaction between Allan and Charlie Liko growing up in a suburb South of Chicago. Their mom would ask Charlie to run down stairs to the spare refrigerator under the stairs and grab a gallon of milk. Charlie would happily comply, wanting to be a big boy and help mom (Charlie was approx. 4 years old at this time). Allan would be stealthily waiting nearby until he heard the down stairs refrigerator door open, “Opportunity” I guess he thought, he would then shut out the lights and lock Charlie in the dark basement! Screaming until their mom would come to the rescue and free him from his dungeonous demise. The rest of the day Allan would change his technique and lock Charlie out of most every other room of the house. Ahh, raising boys!

As time went on and their endeavors became more mature and they joined forces in many entrepreneurial ventures. I am sure some psychologist could draw some very interesting parallels between this early behavior and how it influenced our ultimate rise to becoming Ninja’s, but, we just think Ninjas are cool!


Our History

Green Ninja Pest Control 2.0 is a family owned business. Owned by Allan Liko and Charlie Liko, who are no one trick Ninja’s!  Having previously run businesses together, primarily in the service and construction industry they have a skill set that makes them uniquely qualified to deal with pest issues involving your structure. When dealing with pests effectively it is important not only to put the proper product down but to also take note of the mechanical issues that allow pests access to your home. Not to mention, if you are being treated for termites and the company you hire is going to drill dozens or even hundreds of holes through your slab and foundation, it’s a good idea that they know something about home construction!

In addition, Allan and Charlie Liko also have 20 years of experience in the financial services industry holding licences; 6, 63 and 7. So what other company could you call who while they are killing your pests can also answer questions about financial instrument and insurance… Only one, the Ninja’s! ; )

Bottom line, problem solving is problem solving and the owners of Green Ninja have taken their vast array of experience in problem solving and deployed them on your behalf to provide a pest control experience that is second to none!

Lastly, having become less than enamored with the way many people and large companies do business today, Green Ninja set out to do business the way we like to be treated.

How do we do that?

  • NO contracts, NO kidding! Contracts are only good for the company NOT the customer. Our customers keep us because we do a great job, not because they are locked into a contract.
  • NO marketing of our customers. If you trust us with your home and personal information (Like email, I am afraid to give mine out today as I know a never ending onslaught of spam will immediately descend upon me) , we honor that by keeping it confidential and using it only to do the job you hired us to do.
  • NO info capture. Whenever you visit a website you leave a foot print, if you will, that can be used to pester and market you. We do not and will not do that as we value our privacy and yours.
  • We give back. (Which you can read more about in the “community” section). This helps us to focus on what is right, serving others with a grateful heart.
  • Honesty, integrity, value. Not just words, but our  calling card – read our reviews : )


Got bugs, get Ninja’s!