Treating for ants can be tricky, see here are some do’s and dont’s for ant control. First off you need to understand a little bit about the ant so you can choose the right treatment method. Never use a detectible pesticide for ant treatment as they detect it and immediately warn the others and you have just spread the problem to some new areaas. Ants, like termites, have a very good communication process, so they can quickly communicate danger to the colony. Once they get the “Danger” message they will seal off parts of the mound and emerge somewhere away from the danger zone.

The next approach is to choose a bait for them to eat. another one of the reasons that ants can be so difficult ot get rid of is that you are treating a problem who’s source may be 35 feet below the surface! That is why bait is necessary. if the right bait is chosen they will take it back down to the colony and the queen and terminate the mound from below. So, what bait do I choose? That is a great question! Arizona has more ant varieties than any other state, 318 species! Different species prefer different kinds of bait. The main categories of bait are Protein based, carbohydrate based and fat based. When you find the right bait for the right ant, they will fervently take it down and send the signal for everyone to come and help!

Never use he bait in your home! We get calls often when homeowners are trying to treat the ants and they see the ants inside, so they place the bait inside, this is almost always a no, no. The source is usually outside and you need to find where they are coming from and treat for them there otherwise you are encouraging them to increase their numbers inside your home.

Ants can be a very tricky undertaking but if approached properly can be effectively eliminated and return your home to the peaceful abode it should be : )


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