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While we have enjoyed a beautiful spring here in the valley this year it has yielded an increase in plant growth and a swell of insects as well. In just the past couple of weeks there has been a marked increase in ant calls. Homes that we serviced just last month with no ant activity now have numerous, large mounds!

Treating this issue with traditional Ants Mesa Arizonaproducts usually only serves to

spread the problem. What Green Ninja Pest control does is to use a combination of protocols to address the issue. If, as in this instance, you can find the mounds we would ground drench the site. Next we would power spray with the same non-detectable product to give an immediate kill as well as residual for the ants the may emerge later. Finally, we deploy a bait that is 100% organic for complete mound termination. Many people find resolving issues with ants to be frustrating, which it certainly can be. In Arizona we have hundreds of ant species and different species will respond to different kinds of bait. You may get some bait from the store that works amazing and think you have it figured out, only to use it again and find the ants ignore it completely…? Some ant species like protein based bait, some sugar, some granular and some liquid. Knowing what type of ant you are dealing with is imperative for effective ant treatment and this is what separates a company like Green Ninja from the rest.

We study the characteristics of different insects and then use it against them for effective eco friendly pest control!

For experience, knowledgeable, professional and effective pest control you know what they say….

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