Mesa bees and wasps removal

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Being a Ninja can be very exciting, we rescued a lady who was trapped in her house today!

Approx. 30 wasps had moved into her front porch, made a nest (called a carton) and were multiplying overnight!

Mesa bees and wasps removal

Wasp nest/carton

She called us at 10:30 AM and we her home safe again just after noon.

Wasps, unlike bees can sting again and again making them a very scary house guest especially if you have children playing in the area. Fortunately the type of wasps that we have here in Arizona are usually no more than about 20 -50 in a nest, unlike bees whose hives range from 10-80 thousand! Once bees or wasps find your home to be a suitable place to set up shop they mark it with Pheromones so that the others can locate it easily. After a fairly short period of time they are multiplying and the problem can fly (pun intended) out of control!

Many people each year are stung trying to deal with this issue on their own, some even end up in the hospital or worse if you are allergic.

Un-fun fact – it takes little more than one sting per pound of body weight to kill a human, YIKES!

It’s best to call in the professionals, with the knowledge and gear to deal with the issue quickly and safely.

In most cases Green Ninja will be on site within an hour or two to secure the area and remove the danger before anyone gets hurt.

Summer is on it’s way and with it all the other aspects of warm days like dealing with bees and wasps. Let’s have a great spring and summer, be safe, have fun and call Green Ninja if those flying critters move into your home!

Remember for Mesa bees and wasps removal;

If the bugs are out to get ya…

Call Green Ninja!


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