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Green Ninja Pest Control is so confident that you will love our service that we would like to offer you 10% off your first service with no start up fee or contract! We believe that a company should exists to serve the customer not the other way around. Contracts are good for the company not the customer, so we don’t use them. Instead we just do great work at a reasonable price giving the best value available knowing if we serve you well, a contract is not necessary to keep our customers.

So you may ask, what makes Green Ninja Pest Control different?

I’m glad you asked ; )

1) No slick marketing campaigns with too good to be true offers designed to suck you into a contract that keeps you paying even if we aren’t performing. You can alter or cancel your service with us at anytime without hassle or “Early termination” fees etc.

2) Our objective is to solve your problem! I know that may sound ridiculous but we have been told by some of our competitors that we cannot continue doing treatments as comprehensively as we do because then our customers will not need us…!? Well, while it is true you may not need us as frequently if we get rid of your pest issue but isn’t that why you hired us in the first place?

3) No watered down or cheap products. All companies mix their chemicals from concentrate. The label recommends what strength should be used for the effective treatment of which pests. We always use the full, effective dose so that the treatment is effective, then we guarantee it and put our good name behind it. We find all to often this is not the case with many of our competitors. Mesa pest control

Bottom line is this, I have all too often purchased a product or service and soon found the “Inexpensive price” was really just smoke and mirrors. I was led to believe this bottom dollar price would still provide what I was seeking and it just wasn’t true. I spent good money, yet received none of what I was after in the first place.

We are not the most expensive, not the cheapest, but we are determined to provide the best value and effective treatment every time.

So remember for Mesa pest control – no contracts, 10% off call Green Ninja today 480-497-4183

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