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Beautiful striped Orb spider

When it comes to Mesa pest control –  spiders are beautiful and venomous! Although most spiders are venomous many lack the ability to puncture a humans skin. Additionally most are not aggressive toward humans either. The problem comes when we allow the number of spiders and other insects to grow so numerous that they think our home is theirs and we are bothering them resulting in aggressive behavior.

Though most spiders in Mesa are not aggressive toward humans and lack the ability to break though our skin we do have some spiders that we aught to be mindful of. The black Widow can and will bit humans and can have a very serious effect on humans. We are also home to the recluse and Hobo spiders which can cause a very serious skin ulcer after a bite.

The photo above is an Orb spider which is most likely waiting to catch it’s favorite meal, a fly. though somewhat ominous looking they don’t often bit humans and are generally not considered dangerous. The more dangerous varieties usually prefer discrete locations. We often find black Widow webs close to the ground along the foundation of homes. This gives them good hiding spots often up inside the stucco with easy access to the outside. Problem here is that it is also close to where our kids and pets may be scurrying about and be seen as a threat provoking the spider to aggressive behavior.

Regular pest control will keep these spiders away from your home and at levels that are safe and acceptable. Removing webs and applying a liquid barrier that has a good residual will keep your home your own without too many of these arachnid visitors.

Call Green Ninja Pest Control in Mesa to make sure your home is safe for you and your family and the build up of webs doesn’t have your home still looking like your ready for Halloween.


If the bugs are out to get ya…

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