Mesa termite controlĀ / treatments are very effective, when done properly. If you live in Mesa and need a termite treatment, look no further. Green ninja Pest control not only uses top notch products that are guaranteed, but also installs the barrier with pains taking detail so that there are no weaknesses to be expoited.

The name of the game is two fold when treating for termites;

1) A Non-detectable product must be used so that the termites do not know that they are going through it. This means they will travel through the treated soil and absorb the product. Once they absorb it the transfer effect begins! As they interact, grooming each other and sharing food they spread the product through the entire colony all the way back down to the queen.

Some companies will apply a cheaper repelant product which the termites will not go through, but studies have shown that this does not stop them from foragingthere, ultimately finding a gap in the barrier and penetrating to your home.

2) The treatment must be performed well. If there are gaps in the installation, improper depth or mixture the termites, who work 24 x 7 will find it and exploit it in short order. Nothing is more frustrating that going through the expense and disruption of a full termite treatment only to continue battling them and enduring damage to your home.

like granma always said, You get what you pay for! If the price seems too good to be true, it usually is and the ellation of what seems like a good deal gives way to frustration and more money wasted.

The time, effort and cost to properly trench and rod the soil and drill and inject under all the concrete slabs may not seem like a good deal at first, but time will prove it money well spent and you will sleep well knowing your termite barrier is working well at protecting your home.

Remember for Mesa termite control;

If the bugs are out to get ya…

Call Green Ninja!

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