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Gone, it seems are the days where a handshake selaed a deal and actually meant something. if someone gave you Their word, it meant they were serious about following-through. The replacement is much more formal and less satisfying. Contracts have replaced personal guarantees and follow-through is taken away in fine print.

Well I long for those days to return. but, instead of just dreaming and longing, Green Ninja Pest Control is acting as if those old days have returned! No contracts binding you to paying for service whether it’s good or not, and follow-through that makes you feel again like we are grateful for your business and very serious about protecting our good name.

We believe in making a difference, and to make a difference, you must do things different. It’s all too easy and common place to mimick unsavory business practices saying “well, they are all doing it, so it must be OK for us to do as well”. We can only control what we do and how we treat people. Each time we have a less than satisfactory business transaction with a company rather than pass that bad experience on and lower the bar, we use that as the catalist for being even better!

We are a small family owned business that still

Pest control Ahwatukee

believes in serving the people in our community in a way that makes us proud and you grateful for an old fasioned, look you in the eye, shake your hand, and do what you say your going to do experience!

don’t settle for the modern way of doing business, look for something better, we are not alone in this crusade so please support local small business!

Call Green Ninja Pest Control today, you’ll be glad you did!



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