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Green Ninja pest Control has built a reputation for doing comprehensive treatments. Ever thought about what that really means, and how it compares to the service you have been receiving?

Lets look into it…

Comprehensive РOf large scope; covering or involving much; inclusive.

Your property is of large scope! you may have bushes in the back corner with black widows in them, lantana in the front yard being eated alive by white flies, scorpions living in your block walls, and ants making home in your grass disallowing you the luxury of relaxing in your yard without being bitten, and that’s just for starters…

So, with this large scope of work, would a quick spray along your

pest control mesa az

Beautiful striped Orb spider

foundation wall (We call this the “slash and dash”), be very effective?

I can answer that for you…. No, no it’s not effective at all.

With the Arizona desert land scape there are many different pests requiring many different products and protocols to be effective. Green Ninja Pest Control did not set out to build a service business, but to solve problems. That may only sound like semantics to you but the outcomes are very, very different.

If we set out to build a service business, step 2 is to develope service routes. This means the customers and protocols are further down the list. Green NInja’s step 2 is to be the most effective problem solvers. This means we started this company, began solving problems, people began referring us due to our results and it grew organically. We did not hire sales people to go out and strong arm people into contracts and susuquently reduce product concentration and treatment time to increase profits. 2 very different endings points driven directly by the starting point.

End your frustration, call Green Ninja and join our family of loyal, satisfied customers!


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