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The winters in Arizona give us a reprieve from several things; The heat, the punishingly intense sun, and the bugs! Winter gives way to a very, very short spring and then the heat is on! As the day and night temperature increases, so does the insect activity.

The insects come out of their winter malaise and begin foraging and setting up shop, usually in our back yards, and if we aren’t diligent once they are there, they will soon be in out homes as  well!

Let Easter be your reminder, “I think it’s time to call Green Ninja”. We will clear out all the webs that have accumulated over the winter and refresh the barrier in and around your home to prohibit the pest explosion that is about to take place.

Pest control Tempe AZ

Ants taking over

If you wait too long the

scales will begin to tip in their favor and it makes your home less comfortable and our job a lot harder…

As with weed prevention, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Especially if you live in an area that has scorpions. Waiting until they become a problem means they have had time to get into your attic and walls etc. A problem that took more than one month to create typically takes more than one month to solve. Once imbedded even though we may have come and put that barrier down it will take some time to flush them out once again restoring balance on your property.

So don’t wait, call today, mention this post and receive 10% off your first treatment!


If the bugs are out to get ya…

Call Green Ninja!



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