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Does one size ever fit all? Not in my experience.

So why then would any pest control company send there guys out with one tank full of one kind of bug juice to treat many different houses???

Well, it happens all the time, but it makes no sense, at least not for the customer. Sure it is easier for the company to use and mix one product but that is not how you get great results and therefore deliver the best value.

When Green Ninja Pest Control comes to your home we find out what insects you are having issues with, then we formulate a treatment plan and mix products, yes with an “s” accordingly.

Here are a couple examples why this is so important.

Pest control Tempe

Ants taking over

1) Let’s say you are having an issue with ants. If a technician shows up with a great product for treating scorpions, guess what? He is about to spread your ant problem! Here is why. To effectively treat for ants you must use a non-detectable product. Otherwise, if they sense something is wrong, the presence of a pesticide, they alert the others to avoid those areas and you have just effectively spread the problem. To effectively treat for ants you need 2 things; non detectability of the product, and transfer effect. Ant colonies may be 35 feet underground! If the treatment is to be effective it must be spread to the colony well below the surface, to accomplish this the right product must be used.

2) let say you have a scorpion issue and the technician shows up with a tank full of wonderfully non-detectable bug juice? Unless the scorpion is sprayed directly in the face, (they are nocturnal so this is unlikely during the day) you will have little to no change in your scorpion issue. Scorpions have a very slow metabolism which enables them to walk over most traditional products without injesting enough active ingredient to harm them…

So if you have bugs and need pest control Tempe…

Get Ninjas!


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