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    American Cockroach
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    Bed Bug

If you like to travel for fun or you travel for work, you are highly susceptible to bed bugs. Nick named the “hitch hiker bug”, because just one bed bug carrying eggs attaches to your pants leg or crawls into your purse at the hotel or restaurant, movie theater, or a friends house and …….. you have brought home an unwanted multiplying guest.
They have the ability to go from inception to laying eggs in as little as 30-45 days.  They are difficult to see – eggs are .04inches long and easily go undetected. They will live in plastic, fabric, walls, cardboard, shoes, electronics & automobiles, (just to name a few places).

Bed bugs are nocturnal, so most people never see them, but keep waking up with bites. Studies have shown that a bed bug can live up to 24months without feeding.

Definitely the worlds necessary pollinators, No Bees equals No food – Period.
However due to their high numbers in urban areas, combined with the majority of them in Arizona being of the aggressive Africanized strain, it is imperative to deal with them if they take up residence, in yours.
A typical hive may have 10,000 – 60,000 bee’s and can create much damage & Danger if they are making honey in a wall void or other area and may make extermination necessary.

Africanized bee’s may remain in Attack mode for up to 8 hours when provoked, and it takes approximately one sting per. 1.5lbs. of body weight to kill a human.

German, Sewer, Brown Banded, Oriental. So many roaches, so little time.  German roaches are the most prolific populaters of all roaches and are the most to be feared cause “they want” to live in your home ! Once in, they have their moving trucks bring their stuff and your stuck with them in your house like Cousin Eddie from National Lampoons Vacation.

Oh don’t they play a beautiful song at night !  No, No, No they don’t !! AHHHHHHH! Shut Upppp !! Closely related to the cockroach, they want you to go to sleep so they can eat your books, clothing, paper products and a host of other things. By the way, that ain’t coffee grounds along your baseboards and foundation—it’s cricket poop.

In Charlotte’s Web the spider was so cute and wise, aww.  But in reality, they are one of the most fearsome pests in AZ. We have several varieties of spiders who’s bite and venom can cause a skin ulcer which rots your flesh.  I missed that part in Charlotte’s Web …. ?

The Bullet ant is the most painful sting in the world according to the “Schmidt Sting Pain Index”, fortunately, we don’t have them in AZ ! We do have an abundance of other ants though.  Ants may live 35 feet or more below the grounds surface and trail up to 700 feet.

Also known as Carpet Sharks – but hey, isn’t that a shark vacuum. Yes there is – but the Silverfish, (I mean the Carpet Shark Bug) Ain’t cleaning your carpet – They are Eating It !!  They live from 2-8 years & need very high humidity to survive. Watch out cause they’ll contaminate your food & eat just about everything else in your home, including your books !

Sorry, there isn’t anything cozy or funny to say about wasps.  Unlike Bee’s, their colony isn’t 10-60K, but 10-30 individuals, and their home is not called a hive, its called a carton.  An individual wasp can sting you again and again and again due to the fact that their stingers are smooth and usually don’t stick in your skin.
Got Wasps – Get Ninjas !!!

Nothing like a beautiful spring day, a ice cold glass of sweet tea and a fly that has you “slapping yourself silly”! Those nagging and annoying pests will have you beating yourself up more than you did over that ½ gallon of mint chip you ate Friday night @ 1am.

If other companies have told you that you Cannot get rid of Scorpions, it’s Not True ! It takes a special treatment methodology, combined with products designed to use their anatomy against them.  I bought a house several years back that had sat empty for about 8 months or more that was “Infested”. There were eleven scorpions in an upstairs light fixture alone !!– I now have none, not even out on the farthest corner of my property @ night!