Scorpion treatment Gilbert


Scorpion treatment Gilbert is not something that every company does well. Green Ninja Pest Control has been effectively providing solutions to resolve scorpion issues for year!

scorpion treatment Gilbert

Scorpion with babies on her back

Effective treatment for scorpions is quite a bit different that your general pest control. This is why so many people have regular pest control and still have a scorpion problem. The same products and protocols that may be effective for crickets, roaches and spiders will not necessarily be effective when treating for scorpions.

When Green Ninja pest Control treats your home for scorpions we use a special micro-cap product mixed at the highest strength in a uniquely comprehensive manor designed to kill scorpions before they make it in your home. With regular service we have had excellent success taking a property that was overrun with scorpions and made it a safe place to relax on our beautiful desert evenings once again!

So how come we have so much success while many other companies are telling their clients that “You cannot kill scorpions, only their food source”? We’re Ninjas, that’s why! No, seriously it’s in the approach. Green Ninja Pest Control is determined to solve problems. We have done the research, much trial and error and are committed to results. When treating a home for scorpions the cost is slightly higher that for a home without scorpions and that is to cover the cost of the additional time and costly product formulation that it takes to get results. but, at the end of the day your problem is solved and your home is safe again. Peace of mind is always worth what you pay for it, I always say.

So don’t put up with paying for treatments that don’t solve the problem, call Green Ninja today and get results!



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