Termite treatment Tempe – What about the attic?

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I have been asked the question multiple times recently “Since the termites are popping out of the ceiling, don’t you treat the attic”?

The answer is unequivocally not!

You see, the real issue is found at

Termite treatment Tempethe soil. The termites the we

find most often here in Tempe

Are subterranean Termites

Which means they live in the soil

foraging for dead wood like a fallen tree, or the studs in your walls! When you find them popping out of the drywall on your ceiling they are foraging for more food.

termite tubes

Termite tubes hanging down from ceiling

 Logically many draw the conclusion that

since they are coming out from my attic

you must treat there as well. A logical yet

incorrect assumption. Subterranean Termites must return to the soil at least once every 24 hours. When they return to the soil they are absorbing moisture from the soil. this is the key to a proper treatment. The barrier must be placed in the soil where they come from and must return, the attic was simply the highway they happened to travel in on…

In addition to placing the proper solution in the soil both adjacent to and beneath all concrete patios adjoining the home it also must be an unbroken perimeter. Termite work is not a job that can be done by an untrained or undetailed technician as any inconsistencies in the treatment and barrier will ultimately be exploited by these hard working insects and you and your home will be no better off than when you started!

So what to do if you spot one of these little mud tubes on your foundation?

Just one thing, call Green Ninja. We will come right out, do a complete inspection and formulate an effective treatment plan that protects your home 100% at a great value!

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