Green Ninja Pest Control


• Pre-construction termite treatments
• Post-construction termite treatments
• WDIIR – wood destroying insect infestation reports. Cost is $50.00
• Inspections and consultations to help prevent infestations.
• Our jobs are left neat, clean and beautiful.

Sub Teranian Termites
Proper application of the product is paramount when it comes to effective termite control.

On many occasions we have been called upon to provide solutions where other treatments have failed, resulting in much damage and heartache. The source of the failure was usually an inaccurate determination of the source of infestation, followed by an ineffective treatment methodology.

We devote ample time to get to the root cause and determine both how and why there is an infestation and then proceed to develop a treatment plan that will accurately address these findings.

Starting with the facts of how a termite’s anatomy can be used against them, we know that they do not drink water, “they adsorb moisture through their skin”, and therefore we can get them to unknowingly also adsorb our products at the same time.

We use cutting edge Non-detectable termiticides, which means that the termites cannot detect that they are crawling through and contacting our barrier – this of vital importance due to the extensively complex social structure that termites have . If they sense the product & danger, they will warn each other  and even seal off entire sections of their colony, there by sacrificing the termites in the sealed off areas in an attempt to preserve the main colony and save their beloved Queen.

Our treatments go undetected and therefore the products are transferred deep into the colony by each infected termite and the non-detectible lethal dose of termiticide continues to spread(transfer) like a virus to the deepest depths of their colony and they never even know what hit them and source of the infestation (the entire colony) is dealt with.