it’s raining termites in Tempe!

OK, not actually, but we have had a very active monsoon season and with the rain, comes termites. There are a few things you can do to keep your home safe from these relentless wood eating varments.

First, do a good visual inspection. if you aren`t sure how to do that you can call Green Ninja and we will come out and do it for free. If you prefer to do it yourself here is what you do. The primary focus of the inspection is to view the foundation/stem wall around the entire exterior perimeter of your home. This also includes their favorite spot for a bit to eat, the inside stem wall of your garage. You are looking for mud tubes. Mud tubes look like a little brown pipe cleaner protruding from the ground, up the stem wall into the wall of your home.

Second, Water close to the surface allows the termites to come closer to the surface without the risk of dehydration so be on the lookout for hose leaks, and condensation that is allowed to saturate the soil adjacent to the foundation. This also includes areas where the rin water collects. it should be graded in such a way that the water runs away, not toward your home.Termites Tempe

Third, look for what is known as conditions conducive. One of the worst conditions conducive is wood in direct contact with the soil. Whether it be an overhand suport post or a pile of fire wood, there should by something insulation it from direct ground contact.

So if your afraid the it has rained termites at your Tempe home don’t hesitate, call Green Ninja pest Control today for your free termite inspection!


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