Green Ninja Pest Control

• Eco Friendly productseco-pest-control
• Targeted – Pest Specific treatments
• Applied IPM – Integrated Pest Management
• Inspections, Recommendations & Consultation of your property to naturally reduce or eliminate pests and/or the need of pesticides.

Besides the fact that Ninja’s look really good in green, green is more than a color, it’s a way of life for us.

It is a deep concern of ours that Ninja’s care for and protect your loved ones and your home, our community, our state and the delicate world in which we live.
Like a balance beam scale, the balance between pests and humans must constantly be assessed and when the scale tips too much in the insects favor resulting in danger of injury, sickness/disease, or economic loss, action must be taken and the danger safely removed. That is where knowing our enemies, mastering of our weapons and tools of our trade becomes an art form. Our approach is specific, not haphazardly tailoring our treatment to be effective on the pests, yet safe for people, pets, property and the environment.

Additionally, we are green in the office as well, from utilizing electronic filing and management systems to the sending receipts and invoices though secure electronic means.

We chose the most eco-friendly products when appropriate, and recommend simple mechanical solutions such as repairs to doors and windows to keep the pests out or modifications to landscape and stored items, which in turn naturally reduces harborage sites. We also spend time educating individuals and families on pest behaviors and how to avoid situations or habits that could unknowingly bring pests into the home.

Ultimately, being green in business and in our personal lives is not a gimmick, but a very important responsibility that we all must share. It is so important to us that we chose to put it in our name and in our business practices through and through.